Hi, I’m Lindsay

It all started in the Summer of 2012…I was at a bar with my best friend, Sara. We started thinking that our senior year of college quickly approaching. We felt a need to graduate with some form of savings. Our quick solution was to create a cookbook.The concept came to us pretty quickly. I love photography and cooking and Sara loves to bake.  While we love to be in the kitchen, college and studying gets in the way of making a gourmet meal every night. Developing easy recipes seemed right and we agreed that you can do a lot with 7 ingredients. The next day we realized that before we publish a cookbook we need a following. That’s when SevenBites was born. 

Seven Bites encompasses the concept of cooking amazing dishes while using minimal ingredients.   Getting creative in the kitchen doesn’t have to be complicated. From appetizers to desserts, I’ll give you tips and tricks to help get you through some of the most difficult dishes, while only using 7 ingredients.  Cooking should be fun and effortless. Unfortunately, when many ingredients are involved cooking can become overwhelming.  Sharing ways to make your dishes taste and look great can be simple.  If you hated being in the kitchen before, hopefully this website can show you how simple and stress free cooking can be.


1. Why did you start this blog?
We wanted to start a business that incorporates our interests of cooking and photography.  As college students, we love making fun dishes, and we wanted to share all of our self-taught recipes with people who have the same love for cooking and eating as we do.  When thinking of a food concept, we realized that half of the time we follow a recipe, we rarely put in all of the ingredients, due to them not having a large impact on the dish or not having it at our disposal.  We didn’t want that to be the case with our blog.  We wanted all of our ingredients to be easily accessible, limiting the amount involved in a recipe that isn’t necessary to the outcome of the dish.  We figured that seven ingredients allows us to create unique recipes, while staying simple! And yes, we do consider salt an ingredient.

2. What do you not consider ingredients?

  • Sale & Pepper – Because it’s a staple that everyone has in their own and is usually added to taste.
  • Cooking Spray – This doesn’t add anything to the dish other than making sure your food isn’t sticking to the dish. 
  • Water – Because it adds no flavor and is only needed to generally help with a consistency. 

3. Are all of your recipes kosher?
Yes, but we do not limit ourselves to cooking and baking ‘Jewish style’ food, therefore we believe that our food is for anyone!

4.  What camera do you use?
We use a Nikon D7500